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... 1/23/2015
Adamson, Ruth Eleanor
... 1/23/2015
Pifer, H. Geraldine (Jerry)
... 1/14/2015
(Sekora) Rupert-Ceconi, Anna Katherine
... 1/14/2015
Keller, Edna
... 1/9/2015
Zimmerman, Charles Lynn
... 1/4/2015
Powell, Denise Sue
... 12/28/2014
Peace, Ray W.
... 12/24/2014
Gula, Frances
... 12/23/2014
Cable, Regina Marie
... 12/23/2014
Hopkins, Everett Mack

Today, people are making a more informed and personalized decisions about funeral services. Making funerals arrangements should be a private experience for the family. The family should also feel comfortable with the surroundings that are associated with this process, and at Shumaker Funeral Home, we strive to put you at ease. We work closely with you and your clergy and others you want involved in your service. Our goal is to provide a complete, compassionate, affordable service that celebrates the life of your loved one.
Meet Our Staff
Our Punxsutawney location was added in the Summer of 2011
We make family arrangements in the privacy and comfort of your own home, church, a location of your choice, or at the Shumaker Funeral Home. Please contact us at your convenience to discuss your needs.

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